Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wasted Opportunities

Close your eyes and imagine this: You are a premier 3D digital artist and a die-hard fan of Abraham Lincoln. You've decided to combine your skill and your obsession and digitally recreate events in Lincoln's life. The question is, what moments do you recreate? They lay-historian is drawn to the obvious; the Gettysburg Address, the Lincoln Douglas Debates, even his assassination in Ford's Theater. The historian of Presidential combat knows better, and thinks of the time Lincoln fought river pirates, or trained with a broadsword for his duel with James Shields. "Perfect, any of the above will do," you think.

Hold on, though. What about investing your time and money into recreating a nearly perfectly realistic rendition of our nations 16th president eating a sandwich? Or even better, looking at an apple? "Stop wasting my time with your maniacal suggestions," you'd probably say.

Well, the geniuses at Studio Macbeth disagree. A digital art studio specializing in realistic 3d Lincoln images, the studio's goal is not to recreate Lincoln's historical moments as never seen before; in stunning realism. No, what they want to show, in their own words, is "Lincoln in human situations for which there are no other extant depictions, e.g. Lincoln at table, Lincoln descending a staircase, Lincoln mourning a child."

If they'll depart slightly from their theme and show Lincoln engaged in mortal combat with Rutherford B. Hayes, then they'll have my support. Until then, I'll pass on 3D digital Lincoln brushing his teeth, tying his shoes, or wiping his ass.


______________________________ said...

Hi Pugilist, and thank you for visiting our blog. Thank you once again for appreciating our skills. You'll be happy to know that we have not neglected historical moments in Lincoln's life. This is a series of portraits and we are holding back a good number of them for the moment. I think you will be moved by some of the historical scenes we have illustrated and the empathy we have brought to moments that are now fogged by repetitious retelling. Lest anyone get the wrong impression from your ending sentence, be assured that we are creating no images of Lincoln brushing his teeth or worse. Best wishes to all from Studio Macbeth.

The Washington Pugilist said...

Great to hear from you Studio Macbeth! That makes us feel better that it won't be Lincoln cleaning up some spilled milk or scratching his back with a fork. All sarcasm aside (or some, anyway), we are looking forward to seeing what you've got coming, and are impressed by the skill you've shown so far. That being said, what are the odds you could do one for us of Lincoln putting Rutherford B. Hayes in a figure-four leglock?